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What is Create?

Create is a Reiki infused (blessed) bottled water that is energetically "charged"

with Reiki by a certified & licensed Reiki Master Teacher/Practitioner.

Every bottled is blessed individually for 3-5 minutes.

Where does the water come from?

Locally sourced, Create Beverages water is from an all natural spring in the Wasatch Mountains near Park City, UT.  It is then put through a lite filtration process resulting in a fresh, crisp and refreshing taste.  The bottling company has achieved awards as the #1 quality bottling company in the region.  For more information on this, or to receive quality reports, please contact us.


The "I Am..."

Each bottle has a powerful "I Am" statement on the front to

encourage & promote a healthy mindset as you go about your day.

We believe in the power of words & thought wholeheartedly &

dream of showing the world just how powerful we are as individuals.


Why Create?

We are about love, service & encouragement. This is our way of changing

the world & hope that our messages can provide our customers with

the love, support & encouragement that we as humans need & deserve

to hear every single day.